[Gamemode] Floodmod Update

Hey guys,

I’ve made a big Update for floodmod because it (was) looking so boring.
So, my new Features:

  • Anti Pirate System
  • New Hud
  • Random Payments
  • Spawn as Melon when dead
  • New chat with glow Effect for Admins
  • Win / Lose shield on end of the Round
  • TimeBar
  • Wrench to heal Props for Money
  • Remover tool ( with refund )

Here some Screens:









Hope you guys like it.
My Server it running under:

that vgui looks sexy but i would suggest turning down the HUD Size about 20%

Really nice! I used to love playing Flood on the SGC servers.

Nice but I suggest adding teams and prop repairing should be free (after you buy the healer ofcourse). Maybe make the prop healer expensive but make repairing with it free.

There are team setups



Is OP’s name supposed to be “Selffuck”?

Are you going to release the gamemode? If so it’s cool. If you’re not i’m leaving this thread

I have a 24/7 AUS server which would love to feature this flood :slight_smile:
So, if you would like to have your Floodmod distributed, PM me :slight_smile:
All credits to you, and admin if you’d like.