Gamemode FPS Drop

Decided I’d fix my GM’s huge FPS drop, but can’t seem to figure out what’s the cause of it
Here is what I noticed so far:
-40 FPS when alone when I usually get 100 with nobody around on Sandbox. Stays the same if I remove HUDPaint/Think/Draw hooks and/or stop sending info to client, some removed code resulted in 5/10 FPS increase only when alone.
-Removing the above stated code parts, with 4-5 bots there’s a 20-25 FPS drop.

What else can cause FPS drop?

large, shitty maps, loads of entities, too many physics calculations, server resources being taken up, intricate and hacky coding, etc

First 5 are to exclude as it’s only due to the gamemode itself. I’ll have another look at my code see if I can make something more simple.