Gamemode from gmod 12 to 13

Trying to convert gamemode from Gmod 12, but too many errors so need some help.

Gamemode name is Prop Hunt (taken from here:
First of all fretta is dead. So have some problem with teams, scoreboard, etc. Trying to ‘DeriveGamemode(“base”)’ but seems bad idea…
After this thread I’m fix code but gamemode doesn’t work now.


Error 1. Scoreboard: nicknames are all same color and shows only one team like sandbox

Error 2. “Props” do not see thier model, can’t turn into props

[ERROR] gamemodes/prop_hunt_2/gamemode/init.lua:107: attempt to index field 'ph_prop' (a nil value)

Error 3. IncludePlayerClasses() in “sh_init.lua” make errors and crash gamemode. Trying stupid method: include classes into “init.lua”

Error 4. Classes are not loaded and I think it’s main problem because hunters have now weapon but weapon gives only by “player_class\class_hunter.lua”. Same “props” cannot morph because “ph_prop” create into “class_prop.lua” (Error 2).

So please help me to translate this gamemode into gmod 13!
My work is here

PS: sorry for my bad English.

There are already fixed versions of fretta and prop hunt, would save you alot of time if you just google’d it. If you’re trying to learn Lua however I suggest you continue, and somebody more qualified can answer this question.