Gamemode : GFarm

Hey, I recently had an idea to make a farming simulator gamemode for garry’s Mod, similar to the very popular “FarmVille” facebook app.

The gamemode will consist of players on farms (mostly individual, however a co-op farm may be a possibility) where you will have a farmhouse and a field, you will need to make money to buy equipment and fertilizer, livestock etc… the object of the game is to improve your farm until you have the largest and best farm.

Player data will be stored in a database and will be reloaded when they rejoin, therefore the game will have a healthy length.

However, I have none of the following skills / resources and am seeking a team to help with:

-Coding/Scripting (Lua)

Please post / send me a PM if you are interested or have any suggestions or criticisms.

What exactly do YOU do then?


It’s highly unlikely someone will help you if all you are is ideas.

Ok, therein lies my problem, I know nothing… at all… I have the idea, and i have an idea of how it’ll work, and I’ll try to learn Lua, and I do have a garry’s mod server at the moment, so I may yet host it.


maybe not, but its worth a try.

You know, “Idea guys” are generally frowned upon on facepunch. If you post an idea, don’t recruit a team. This gives the impression that you are saying “Hey people, make me a gamemode and let me take all the credit for it.”

If this was a request it would have gone over much smoother.

He’s not actually an idea guy, just decided as 'cos it was his idea, he should post the thread.
I’ll post a full thread, with all current concepts and drafts. Sorry for this fail thread.

The good thing about those people is that they have sometimes good ideas, the bad thing is they got NO idea how to do it Code wise. And as they often dont realize that they get flamed…

Sorry about this peica crap.
That link is the actual thread.