Gamemode grouping rules in server browser?

What are the rules for grouping the servers based on gamemode in the server browser?

I remember there were some little quirks you had to do in order for a gamemode to show up in the same category as others. IIRC, you needed to add some sort of prefix or postfix to the gamemode folder name.

I need this since my server is running a slightly modified sandbox, and I don’t want the edits to get messed up when I update it.

If you mean making it so your server appears with the other servers for that specific gamemode, then you must run +gamemode in your start file.

eg. +gamemode stronghold - Name of the folder of the gamemode.

Still doesnt work? then if there is a txt file like gamemodes.txt in your gamemodes folder, put gamemode gamemode_name if not, then just create it.

What I mean is:
I run a modified version of sandbox as a separate gamemode, the folder name for it is “sandbox_league”.
I run this gamemode using +gamemode sandbox_league
It works, but it puts my server in a different group in the server browser. I need it listed with the other sandbox servers.

I remember I read in a thread here, quite a while ago, that you needed to name your folder name in a specific way for the server browser to put it with other gamemodes. Something like sandbox_custom or so.


Thanks, Rubat.