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Hello, I am a scripter from Dark Ages of Camelot, and a friend pointed me to Garry’s Mod. Its play style is very unique so I looked into making my own server. Well, so far so good, I got my own server going, and I ended up scripting my own gamemode. I have all of the files down, now how do I plug it in to my dedicated server to make it run? I have looked all over the place but it all seems like it is just for Listen servers. I have an old server computer I used for work that I now have my server running on. If someone could just help me out on how to plug in my new gamemode to a dedicated server, I would love that. I am fairly new to Garry’s Mod, so if you can be as descriptive as possible that’d be great. All of their directories throw me off sometimes… Thanks in advance!

Bump. I know it is probably unnecessary but it seems like a simple question to answer. I see a lot of people out there with custom dedicated servers. I have it in the orangebox > garrysmod > gamemodes directory in my server files, but how do i select it with my server to run off of it? No matter what when I boot the server it runs off of sandbox, and I can’t seem to find the file to change it from sandbox to custom.

Hey, I used to play DAoC, so nice to meet you. :smiley:
Well, I have a paid server, so I have to change everything through a control panel, but I think all you have to do is right click your dedicated server’s shortcut, which is HLDS or something, then click “Properties”.
Now under “Target:” just put +sv_defaultgamemode gamemodename

this should work, this is the code I use on my server.

No need to let us know that you’re from DAOC.
Use the search function to find stuff, it’s usefull.

Tried, trust me I tried. I am new to this forum, but I am not stupid. I find it funny how you comment on my unnecessary information yet don’t put in any useful information of your own. I say I am from DAOC because I was a scripter there, and maybe it would help someone explain an answer to me.

Back on topic: Thank you Slayer, that did the trick perfectly. I added it on the end of my batch file and it runs flawlessly. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Took me 2 seconds to type, and 1 click for a thread.

Once again Crissie, your talking shit about how he put unnecessary information, yet, you just wrote “Took me 2 seconds to type, and 1 click for a thread.” when, why do any of us need to know that. We don’t care how you found a thread in 5 seconds, stop being a dick and stop flaming.

 Back on topic, PantAaroN, i own a Gmod dedicated server myself. I am great at fixing issues, SO add me on steam: search for "[INFAMOUS]C-UNIT" in community or click "Add Friend" in friends box and type "vypr11". I can help with nearly anything due to setting up 3 servers for people, and, running a dedicated server for nearly 3 months. 

 Gamemodes are tricky, adding +sv_defaultgamemode "yourgamemode" +autoload, into your autoexec.cfg, would be an alternative, the +autoload makes sure it loads it everytime the servers starts. 
 Hope i helped, remember hit me up if you need anything.

You don’t put “+” in autoexec.

It worked for me, just saying. Too bad Gmod doesn’t use eventscripts. that would be so much more fun =( reminds me of the CSS days

Sorry for the bump to a solved question.
But don’t post on a help thread if you have no clue what you’re doing, false information is an annoyance to everyone.

And you’re welcome, PantAaroN. :smiley: