Gamemode Help

I’m using the code from and the when I load it up in Gmod it never works. It always starts up as a Sandbox gamemode and never the one I want. Can someone help me or direct me to some code that I can build upon.

Hmm well could you please look at your console (all of uy) for lua related errors; so that this code example may he fixed?


When you’re making a multiplayer server (“Create Server”), remember to go to Options and choose the gamemode, instead of Sandbox.

Oh, and remember to make an info.txt

“name” “” // Gamemode Name
“version” “” // Gamemode version

"author_name"	""  // Name
"author_email"	""  // Email
"author_url"	""  // Homepage

"info"		""
"hide"		"0"


When i started to make my first gamemode i used that tutorial but it didnt work out for me so i used this instead:
Copy the stuff you want from the tutorial you use now like health gen etc.

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