Gamemode Icon Pack [Server List Addon]

This adds icons to each gamemode in the Server List. This currently supports icons for:
If you have a request/replacement for a Gamemode Icon reply on this thread,
All Icon are subject to change. I do not own the rights or claim ownership of any of the images used in this addon.

Looks nice. Time to test it out.

Some of the icons are placeholders for when I find better icons for them FYI.

Very cool! Makes it much more artistic and easier to distinguish all the gamemodes instead of just seeing the default Lego block thing. I also find it funny how you made the DarkRP icon a pile of shit.

If anyone is curious, I’ve tried it out and it works great. No issues here!

I chuckled at DarkRP

Anyways I’ll try it out later

Nice, if only everyone was forced to see the DarkRP icon.

That is the exact icon for DarkRP! Nice one, i am going to use this one. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for these :slight_smile: They’re very well made; the DarkRP one is probably the best one.

Loving the new DarkRp icon

The DarkRP icon is great

xD, Shit for shit

I really like it and installed it easily through workshop(what a nifty little thing that is). I feel as if I should mention DarkRP seeing as everyone else has after TheLuaNoob so kindly pointed it out. Will like to see the finished version even though the current setup is very nice.

It would only make sense.


I fucking love the DarkRP Icon.
Great choice!

Thanks guys for the feedback. Remember to upvote/like my addon so more people can see it!

You should definitely add more icons of other GameModes.

Nice work.

Added this, looks very nice. Great job.


great work:)