Gamemode idea (based on project nomads)

Has anyone heard of a game called project nomads? I thought of making a floating island map a while ago then one just came out and a project nomads gamemode would be sweet.

Basicly you have your own floating island and you have a lighthouse and a watch tower. The watch tower lets you control the island and you set nav points and the island will go to the next point. In this the islands dont have to move it might make the gamemode better. Anyway you then find artifacts which are buildings like a turret artifact lets you place a turret somewhere on your island and you can go into the turret to control it. There are different types and some control their selfs if they arnt being used. You can get a wind mill to generate power because you need power to run everything or you can collect it from places. You can get a hanger which makes a plane after a certain amount of time that will fly itself or you can control it. I think it would be better if you have to control it and then you have to collect resources to build one again if it gets destroyed. Im ok on hammer and im very good at making things out of props in gmod so I could make the buildings and things with maybe some help from other people if someone wants to make this into a gamemode.

There is a market island you can go to and you could trade resources and artifacts there. You can make an island if your team hasnt reached the limit of islands for the team or you could help on someone else’s island or you could work at the market. If you disconnect from the server then rejoin you will keep all your artifacts and resources.

That is just a little bit of it. In the game the bad guys are sort of more high tech so combine might fit well for that. They even have a citadel your meant to destroy. I think in a gmod gamemode there should be two teams one is the bad guys (combine/sentinels) and the other the nomads (rebels). Another approach is to just have one team for players on the nomads team it might be hard to make the other team do things though. If you went with the first idea then it might work to just have both teams try to defeat each other.

IS the idea hot or not? I think it would be really fun but it would need to be different from other gamemodes and be a fresh idea and it could be.

Also sorry if you cant understand my typing its not very structured. You can add to the idea