Gamemode idea - GTA Style RP

** My idea for a Garry’s Mod RP gamemode.**
** About **
This gamemode is kinda GTA style, but you can play as a cop. The goal is to become powerful. The more powerful you are, the more income you get. But to be powerful, you must have many people working for you. If only 2 people are working for you, you are not very powerful. If 12 people are working for you, you are more powerful than the guy with only 2 people [no shit]. If you die, all the power and money that you once had, will be lost.

** Rules **
No metagaming,
No flaming,
No Random Deathmatch (RDM),
No annoying other players [I personally want that one deleted but, ok],
New Life Rule (NLR) counts,
No racism,
No admin disrespect.

** Laws **
Do not steal,
Do not rape,
Do not kill,
Do not break in,
Do not bribe police officers, nor accept bribes as police officer.

** Cops **
If you decide to be a cop, you must follow the law’s at all times. For cop’s to get powerful, they must arrest criminals and get point’s for that. If a cop reaches over 10 points, he/she becomes a sergeant. If a sergeant gets over 20 points (30 points total) he becomes Lieutenant. There can be multiple sergeants at one time, but only one Lieutenant.
A cop can accept bribes, but if they do, they wont get any points for that and if another cop see’s him/her accept the bribe, that cop can tell a sergeant or the Lieutenant and the bribe taker will lose points.
If two cop’s help eachother arrest one criminal, both cop’s get a point.
Cop’s can only arrest criminal’s with wanted level’s. If a criminal get’s 2 wanted level’s, a sergeant must try to catch him and if the criminal get’s 3 wanted level’s, Lieutenant’s will help to.

** Criminals **
A criminal start’s out as a single crook. At that point, he can try to join a gang or form a gang of his own.
There are three type’s of gangs, small gang’s (1-7 members), medium gang’s (7-14 members) and large gang’s (14+ members).
In a gang, the leader give’s you mission’s to do. Example = A man has to die. Send one guy out on a mission to track the man’s route, another to hide a weapon to use to kill the man, a third guy to take the weapon to someone that will kill the man and a fourth guy to kill the man.
The leader has to pay his gang members for each mission, but if they do a good job, he can recommend them for a leader of a bigger gang.
You can also kill the current gang leader and take over his gang, but if you do that the gang can’t be bigger than it already is (f.ex. If you kill a gang leader with 5 people, the gang can’t have more than 7). And if other people don’t accept you as their leader, they can leave the gang. You can always quit a gang and join another.
If someone from another gang kills the gang leader, a vote will start for who will become the next leader.
Criminals can break the laws, but if they do, they will get a wanted level just like in GTA. The wanted level will stay because it’s no Pay n Spray, like in GTA.
Criminals can steal from NPC’s that own houses, cars and other valuables. If they steal something, they must put it in their gangs lock-up. Other gangs can raid your lockup and you can raid other gangs lockups.
If a gang member gets arrested, all the thing he stole will get confiscated. You can also rob stores, like the Flea Market, Cubs Foods, BP, Big Bills Hell et.c.
There is one BOIA (Boss of it all) at all times. The BOIA is the guy that rules all crime. He makes missions for large-gang leaders, they can pass it on to mid-gang leaders and continuos. If you kill a BOIA, you become him. The BOIA collects a tax (5% of everyones income each 20 min.) but he also has to pay gang leaders for doing their missions. The BOIA missions can vary, from stealing something he really needs to killing cops that are on to him. If a BOIA gets arrested, a vote will start for the next BOIA. Each large gang leader will run for BOIA, and the leaders gang cant vote for him (Jonnis gang cant vote for Jonni).

** Lockups **
Each gang has it’s own lockup. This is where the gang keeps their stolen properties.
If a cop sees a gang move stolen objects into the lockup, he can get a search warrant from the Lieutenant. He must have evidence, like a photograph or a fingerprint of someone that is warranted.
If a cop is inside the lockup, the gang is allowed to kill the cop (it’s against the laws but not against the rules)
Here is the list of lockup places:

  • Based on Evocity *

** Small gang lockups **
Slums appartments,
Slums Shop C,
3 floor of city appartments.

** Medium gang lockups **
Flea Market,
The offices next to Car Dealer,
Suburbs House 2.

** Large gang lockups **
Power Plant,
Industrial Warehouse,
Cubs Food,
BOIA lockup,
MTL Headquarters.

** Fingerprints ** [Don’t know how the heck someone’s gonna code that but, ok]
On every stolen property, there is fingerprints of the person(s) that stole it. Cops can dust for fingerprints inside a gangs lockup. This can help them know the persons in the gang.

** Cars **
A number of cars are available for buying (or stealing). NPC’s are often driving randomly around town, and you can steal their car. But is a cop sees you, it’s warrantable and gives you a wanted star. You can also steal (or simply buy) cars from the car dealer. A car can help you with the getaway after robberies. Fingerprints can be found on a car.

** NPC’s **
There are some NPC’s in the gamemode. Most of them can be robbed, but they will usually call the police and give them a description of you (if you don’t wear a mask). The police can run the description with their database and find you if you are in the system (have been arrested before).
Here is the list of NPC’s.

Hector (KFC employee)
Juan (KFC employee)
Jordan (KFC employee)
Maria (KFC manager)
Trisha (County clerk employee)
Robert (County clerk employee)
Jack (Water Treatment worker)
Bill (Big Bills Hell owner)
Caroline (Car owner)
Drederick (Car owner)
Simon (Car owner)
Car owner (just… guess)
Car owner_001
Car owner_002
Car owner_003
Car owner_004
Car owner_005
Car owner_006
John (Suburbs House 1 owner)
Jane (Wife of John)
Phil (Jail watcher
Candice (City Appartment 101 owner)
Jake (City Appartment 101 roomate)
City Appartment 102 owner
City Appartment 103 owner
City Appartment 103 roommate
City Appartment 104 owner
City Appartment 201 owner
City Appartment 202 owner
City Appartment 202 roomate
City Appartment 203 owner
City Appartment 204 owner
Alien (Homeless person\weirdo)
Darren (Homeless person)

[Personally think there’s too much of them but, ok]

** Radio **
There are 6 radio station’s

Old and great (Classic rock)

Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
Come Together - The Beatles
Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones
Wont get Fooled Again - The Who
The Seeker - The Who
Drive my Car - The Beatles

The beginning (Classic rap) <looking for new name>

Express Yourself - N.W.A.
Wrath of Kane - Big Daddy Kane
King of Rock - Run DMC
How I Could Just Kill a Man - Cypress Hill
Walk on By - Fat Joe
Sweet Tricky o’ Mine - Run DMC\Guns N Roses

The X (Rock\Metal)

(SIC) - Slipknot
Cult of Personality - Living Colour
Knights of Cyndonia - Muse
Sweet Child o’ Mine - Guns N Roses
How I Could Just Kill a Man - R.A.T.M.
Destroyer of Senses - Shadows Fall
Metal Meltdown - Judas Priest

Hood Sounds (Rap\RnB) <lookin for new name>

Whatever You Like - The Game
Stronger - Kanye West\Daft Punk
Aint Sayin Nothin - Fat Joe
Tougher Than Leather - Run DMC
Crack a Bottle - Eminem
Rock Superstar - Cypress Hill

Good Icelandic Music (Icelandic music) [Wait…why the heck? Who the fuck would listen to that???]

Hvar er Draumurinn - S.H.J.M.
Congratulations - Jeff Who?
Ther er Ekki Bodid - XXX Rottweiler Hundar
Sodoma - Salin hans Jons Mins
Prinsessan min - Buff
Lukkutrollið - Ljotu Halfvitarnir

Crappy Techno Music (Electronica/Drum N Bass)

Face to Face - Daft Punk
One More Time - Daft Punk
Slam - Pendulum
Hold Your Colour - Pendulum
Phantom - Justice
We Are Your Friends - Justice vs. Simian

** Shoutout to CondoM for adding all the BB code’s, fixing the grammar and adding crappy techno music (and adding all the crappy comments), Thank You **


Just play MTA, and gtfo

Wow so… does this exist? is it going to? is this a request? Or did you just want to spout out a random idea, im just wondering :slight_smile:

MTA is a GTA:SA mod, not a gmod gamemode.

A request…

the label is beta. what a let down.

Ttubckid don’t be so seriously butthurt!
MTA is a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mod… To play it you have to have a copy of Grand theft auto San Andreas…
Not all people own that game… And from what I’ve played in it… RP sucks… And this is not a pure rip off from GTA:SA this is BASED on GTA… That is why JonniXD calls it GTA style RP because it’s style sort of reminds you of GTA:SA and like I said before its BASED

So go to a corner and whine about it there k?


Have you looked at the icons/labels available???

If so… Please Do Tell Me What Other Icon/Label I Should’ve Used

** Thank you and good night! **

By the way, the Rap/RnB and the classic rap station is editable, but all of the other STAY AS THEY ARE! (YES, ALSO THE ICELANDIC ONE!)

No Files, No Progress.

My idea.

No Files, No Progress.

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