GameMode Idea: Halo 3 ODST

Ok well its been about a month since the release of the amazing game, Halo 3: ODST.

I wont go into description about what the game is about, hopefully most of you know! But, as I was playing about 3 hours ago, I was saying,

“Hey, I wonder if I could get a team to get to create a Halo 3: ODST Gamemode, allowing players to play ODST on GMod, nearlly exactly like the one on the XBox 360.”

So, then I started thinking. Mappers, Modelers, Material Designers, Lua Coders and More. Would I even be able to get people to help considering you guys hardly know me and probably think im a newb? Then I just said, Give it a chance, See if it works, Hope for the best!

So, Anyone who wants to help me, please fill this in and reply below:

Name :
Speciallity (Coder, Modeler, Mapper etc.) :
Talent (how good you think you are) :
Would you be dedicated to this job? :

Thanks, Maddog Out.

Mappers - Maddog2k62k7, ejonkou
Modelers -
Lua Coders - Cube

Why not just play ODST?

And your idea is really quite bare. More details would be nice.

OFF-TOPIC Do you always have to be the First Reply to every thread? lol, looking at TYE Thread and you were first to reply.

Well the thing is, some people don’t even have a clue about what Halo 3: ODST is like, and I would like to show them what it is like, as I myself love the Halo Saga.

Well if we were to get a team together, I could start Mapping some of the “New Mombassa Streets”. Then, get a few pictures and maps of the Missions, like Tasavo Highway. It could be a HL2:MOD even, but i would think a GMod Gamemode would be more suitable.

Its called an Active Poster!


And yes, explain a bit more!

Well The reason is, There is a Halo ODST RP Server, IP:

I was thinking, would it be much better if there was an actual HALO 3 ODST Server, so exactly like the XBox360 game, and it could be a custom RP Script, custom maps.
But even so, we could make a HL2:Mod as in Halo 3:ODST, there are various mission, and FireFight.

Here is another thing we could add, “FireFight” - This would mean we would need alot of New Models:
Jackals, Grunts, Brutes, Brute Chiefmans
And new Weapons,
New Silenced SMG, New Silenced and Scoped Pistol.

Well… anymore info you need, please specify.

Who do you have helping make the gamemode at this current moment? Or are you yet another idea guy?

TBH, Idea Guy, But I would love for this to be made, Im Learning LUA Atm, but I know how to map.

I don’t respect the Halo series, it has a bit of an interesting story, and it’s popularity allows for some good online play, but there is no reason to make it into a gamemode.

you cant be like i got this idea now i just need people to do everything so i can put my name on it i mean unless you can contribut to the cause noone will help you sry

Why? I dont see how this could really work out to be honest, Halo doesnt quite match Garry’s mod, or any source game for that matter.

Nice, good luck with your gamemode, i’m looking forward to it!

I am contributing, I will be mapping it, and I will be doing some LUA Coding.


Well me and Cube were talking last night, and we agree with the fact of this, but as I said, we could also have firefight. This is what me and cube started talking about, as he has never played halo, and alot of you may not have either, we decided that making a Fire Fight gamemode, for Liquid Game would be the Better choice.

the only thing i want from odst is to be in a drop pod again but in gmod

Eh, This reminds me of something I am working on, heres the link.

Nice, seems sort of like ODST - Drop Pods, also, your “MAP” - cc_mombassa - Is this based on the city of “New Mombassa” ?

Not really it just has architecture like halo 3 odst.

Owh K Kewl! - If you want, you could help?

Unfortunetly I must decline.

Ok Kewl, anyways, if you want some help, just ask!

What and how would you help?