Gamemode Idea: Hobo Fights

An idea I brought up during a conversation with a Steam friend of mine, though I will omit the name.

The name of the game is Hobo Fight. It works a lot like Dark RP, though the only ‘job’ is Hobo, though you can use a couple different models. Instead of earning money you earn points by collecting random bits of trash that appear across the map. If you felt like it you could spend some of those points on a stupid hat or something, then again, you’d just be a Hobo with a stupid hat.

Why Hobo Fights, though, you ask? Because if two Hobos happen to stumble across the same piece of rubbish… it’s ON! A fight to the death over the mundane. Accompanied by the occurrence of a Hobo Fight will be a flashy server-wide announcement and the two players will begin to pulse brightly for everyone to see so all of the other Hobos can gather 'round to watch the juicy elbow-breaking, teeth-snapping, hair-pulling brawl that is… Hobo Fight.

I also intend, if this idea ever catches on, for admins to be able to spawn special items like sandwiches or actual money for Hobos to fight over. In their spare time between fights they can build Hobo huts and such.

In this gamemode you may not be the uppercrust of society, but you may as well be the best of whatever piece of the crust you are. HOBO FIIIIGHT!!! >:O

Theres a subforum for gamemode ideas.

On-topic: sounds Interresting.

Go into a dark RP server and kill everyone as hobo. You got a better gamemode named “Hobo rampage: Fucking over Dark RP servers I”

But yea, themaw, a simple enough mistake I made in navigation. And to you, Falchion, Sir Topham Dickhatt, there’s a simple enough explanation as to why randomly death matching in my gamemode idea would be inadvisable. You’d lose points because you killed another Hobo in what was clearly a murder and NOT a Hobo Fight. And enough murders leads to a kick/ban. Simple.

Maek it nao and maek meh un admin

Mehh, seems awfully condecending to the downtrodden…

Yes but your gamemode is currently pretty nonexistent. And sadly you won’t have much consequence for rampaging over a Dark RP server.

Nonexistent because it’s an idea. Pay attention. And video games are usually pretty condescending to female characters in general but developers put them in the position of useless-and-need-to-be-rescued or buxom-ass-kicking-super-lady anyways… mentlegen, the idea is simply for the lolz.