Gamemode IDEA: Involving Slender Man

Someone should make a multi player gamemode for Slender Man…
Basically a dark custom map created to fit multiple players and with the Slender Man within the gamemode.

The objective of the game is to find clues to where the Slender Man’s weapon stash is and once you’ve gathered enough clues hopefully you’ll know where to grab weapons. Afterwards your last objective is to lure out the Slender Man and kill him.

To keep things interesting… Alternative Slender Mans will be created, unique alternatives. To scare multiple groups. For instance if the team decided to split into 2 groups… 2 Slender Men will be present within the game. To determine how many Slender Men are released… Each player will share an invisible aura that’s coded and that will determine if they’re in a group… add all the existing auras together and there’s your total amount of Slender Men

Also there are now trap holes that traps players within Slender Mans base, these players are now completely isolated from CHAT and the game… But wait. To win the game every player must be alive and present… Since being trapped means that you’re moved to an isolated group, the game just won’t progress to the next round without the players " revived " ( released from Slender Mans cave by unlocking the door )

I have a lot more ideas… I’m just putting this out there in case anyone is actually interested in making such gamemode. Thanks for reading.

I thought there was only one slender man ?

On topic: not sure about the replay value. After a couple rounds, wouldn’t it be extremely boring?

Theres already a single player source mod being made… Multi-player would break the something awful lore.

What would a ghost be without their personal armory? Or clones? Or even a base centered at the bottom of strategicly-placed holes that cage innocent people, to wait until they die of boredom?

I didn’t know also, ghosts can get shot and die…

It wouldn’t be scary, just people having irrelevant conversations that end up leading to a cheap/annoying jump-scare. Horror usually focuses on the fear of being ‘truely’ alone, and what you don’t know or expect. If you expand both of those along with 70% creepy music/ sound effects, then you got yourself a scary game…

Or the other type of horror where they display, unappealing/unsettling thoughts into your head…

Sounds an awful like stalker.