Gamemode Idea - Lounge

How would you guys feel about a hangout/lounge type of gamemode? I’m open to all sorts of ideas, or if anyone wants to give me a hand with it. I already have a bit done, but nothing to show for yet. I planned on doing it myself, but the more the merrier…

GMT without the gamemodes. Cool idea.

Yeah I guess… Just not a label like “RP” or something. RP is too played out, as is everything else really. This will let people do what they want to.

Lots of communitys have a lounge server like sassilization and Tower Defence

Yeah. Although it would get boring fast if there’s nothing to do, but if you add gamemodes then it will just be like GMT.

Right, that’s why things would be added.

Anyone want to give me ideas not just rate it dumb, or mock it, and move on?

Well, you could have a theater and an arcade, although those are already in GMT :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe like carnival games and crap and you could earn tickets to buy hats and other stuff. GMod Carnival!

That’s a really good idea actually…

Carnival games is officially crap.
ONM rating = %very very very low%

Considering those “lots” are only those 2. I honestly like lounges, because it makes it neat. But to be quite honest: A lounge without any gamemodes seems… in my opinion, dumb. To me the branching idea to other servers is what lounges are there for.

I am legend gamemode.

sass lounge -.- , it already exists

Did you even read this thread? He said a lounge that is just for hanging out in, not to connect to other servers.

Could be like a general lounge, with connectors to many other gmod servers, like all of them. Arrange games n’ shit, I dunno.

Like a master server?

Maybe a level/gamemode were you smoke weed on go on crack adventures with you friends.


I like that idea. Sounds relatively easy. May need something extra to gather the servers.

Would be nice considering i hate the garrysmod browsing for servers takes forever to load up

Source rather

I am seriously considering this… I may just have to give it a shot. :lol:

What would be smart is a serverside system that gets and precaches the server browser from steam, then sends it to the client which displays it on 2d3d screens. The server could then run a cool rating system, providing players with the top 10 servers, choose a random server options, featured servers etc with a proper category system. It might even be quicker for someone to join this server and locate a server to play on with their exact filter (by gamemode, player count, ping etc) than it would be to just use the server browser - if it’s done well.