Gamemode Idea Megathread

I thought I would hold a poll for people who want to give some ideas about gamemodes. Please, only post serious ideas, any kind of Mingebaggery will be ignored. People say GMOD is dying? Well, I can’t fix everything, but I can start by compiling a good list of gamemodes that come from the players, not just the scripters. I’m not really looking for lookalikes (RP, Stranded, Spacebuild), I’m looking for serious, original ideas from players with GMOD experience.

Give me a box and be cursed to rape by a thousand watermelons.

Watermelons have no sexual organs.

An updated melonracer gamemode with custom made prop cars :smiley:

MelonRPG - third person view thru a melon,kind of like the movement in melonracer,except your ‘juicy,delicious character’ can attack things by running up to it and bumping into it,or when a enemy drops a ranged weapon,you can fire from a distance at your foes.

Just the outline.

Kiq, that could be fun. Lets add banana arms and feet to it too and give it a badass face now wer’e thinking!

Or do they? We will find a way…

I’m thinking of this as a non-CS:S content for everyone to have the most amount of fun,even those who can’t afford it.

Though HL2’s levers would make nice legs and arms…

CS:S is good for your health.

Health is good for your CS:S.

Why Melons? Couldn’t this be Bucket War or Barrel Roll RPG? lol


People are farmers or some shit, they get watering cans and and seeds and a plow. They has to plow the land then plant seeds and water them then harvest them. And there could be chickens or headcrabs you have to raise then kill. ECT…