Gamemode Idea: Super Hero/Villain DM

okay i am no scripter, so i cant make this, maybe one of you can, but i came up with this idea… i can script very little. what i am thinking is you come in, and choose hero/villain you want to make after, or create a custom hero (sweps). you fight npcs… you can fight ally npcs, and gain villain exp, or fight zombies/combines idc witch and gain hero xp. if you are a villain and you level up, you select certain abilities. one of these abilities will be becoming liked by zombies/combines, but hated by allys. as you level your sweps will do more damage, and you will unlock new sweps. hero players can fight villain players, for xp on either side. this will need a pro scripter. admins on this can give xp to people. on maps there should be specific buildings like BANK, JAIL, and Kwikie Mart (for low level villains to rob) stuff like that. not to many SNPCs to keep lag down. if you can make playermodels to heroes that wont require a download outside of gmod, include that.

heres what i think, for villains:

level 1 neutral.

level 2 Starting Villian
-hated by citizens
-friends with zombies
venom powers
juggernaut powers

similar for heroes.

this will obviously need a pro scripter.
weapons will also be nice.
also need some sort of protection against villains who just keep killing, way too often. villains can only kill heroes/npcs if they kill a hero they cant fight that same hero for three minutes. how does that sound?

for replies, dont troll, and be honest… if its a bad idea, scrap it. if its a good idea do something about it.

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This is stupid.

Why would you ever want to fight your allies? And then gaining a reward for it?

It could be fun if pulled off right. But if someone does write it, don’t expect much credit.

Coughs fucking loud

i dont want credit, i just threw the idea out there… thought it might be fun

Gmod Of Heros :v:

i dont think source engine can handle something like that unless you want to make everything in very small proportions wich would ruin your idea.