Gamemode idea

Hello guys, I’m thinking about making a new gamemode.
What kind of gamemode would you want? [NOT RP] - Or if you really want rp, list the ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have any lua experience? If so, would you care to link us to it so we know what kind of quality you can bring to the table?

Sure :slight_smile: - Dark Ages

Dual arena, everybody is placed inside of a big Colosseum with swords, implement a block & slash style of gameplay with a few different sets of armor/weapons that players can unlock.

Also hats.

Gas Run

In post apocalyptic world, two factions remain in the landscape. With two rounds per game, on each round one team must fight there way into the safehouse to acquire gas to get for their bus. The only problem? Not only is the gas rigged with booby traps to keep intruders out, the other team not only can attack the opposing team, but can also try to sabotage the bus, which means the opposing team has to take the time to repair the bus while acquiring the gas at the same time.

I really really like the idea of “Dual Arena”. It seems like it would be really fun to just go at it with swords and what not.

Dual Arena? Like, 2 arenas? haha I think you mean Duel.

You should make a gamemode about golfing or something.
It could be called “Hardcore Fiveiron Fury”

So we have suggested:
Melee Arena Combat (Because melee combat is so fun all the time)
A Driving Game (With of course a apocalypse setting for no reason)
Golfing (Because the real game is oh so enjoyable already)

How about, instead, you work on something that we want to play but don’t have a lot of? Something along the lines of an RTS, or maybe a shooter with cool sweps, or how about a simple flying game?

I don’t think you understand.

Hardcore Fiveiron Fury. It is a great idea. Golfing like normal right?
Just enjoying a peaceful afternoon on the green.



Demons come out and you have to beat them senseless with a huge arsenal of different clubs.


The idea behind hack and slash combat is being able to block and timing your attacks. A large scale battle then throw in some lions, shields, two-hands and you’ve got a great game for playability. Pvk style.
Also hats.

There are many good ideas. I have already began an RTS but I’m not sure I can make it cause coding npcs is too hard for me YET.

The problem with duel arena is the hmmmm, there is no problem with it. - Maybe
Gas Run sounds great, a coop tvt zombie horror game. - Like
I don’t like golf sorry xD

Give me more ideas! xD

Each player gets a boat, they fight each other for doubloons and shit. Hack & slash combat. Throw in some lions and hats.
But really, pirate ship wars.

Why not just fix up a new boat/ship wars gamemode since the current ones suck.

Fish to the death

You can just use CapsAdmin fishing code, and add some things like explosives in the water and players compete to the death for points.

Jesus christ I’m coding this right now.

I’m sorry to say that but I hate ships xD

I was actually kind of kidding, it would be funny though =P

Tennis, golf or volleyball (Lol)