Gamemode Idea

Hey there, how is it going?

I am a lua/Fretta/Facepunch newbie but I really want to hit the ground running, therefore I have decided to code my gamemode idea from scratch using Fretta so it can eventually be integrated on Fretta gamemode specific servers.

My purpose for creating this thread is not asking for lua help or asking for someone else to create this idea for me. What I would like is to have: criticism, additional ideas, related gamemodes already out there, indications of perceived difficulty and - most importantly - your opinion of the idea as a whole. I want to know if you would ever play it.

My idea is very similar to ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town’ and you will no doubt draw similarities between them. It will start with all the players in a match to spawn on the same team randomly around a map, at random a small selection of players will be (silently) selected as traitors who have been tasked to kill all the innocent players (I know what you are thinking this is where the similarities end however) whether the traitors know who the other traitors is up for discussion. Each player will be armed with only one gun, a custom weapon called The “Justificator”.

The “Justificator” (Working name) will be a powerful handgun with only one round per magazine, it will have unlimited ammo and kills in one shot. However, the catch is that if the “Justificator” is fired by an innocent player at an innocent player, the player that fires the gun is killed and the victim is unharmed, this also works the other way round so if a traitor fires at a traitor then the traitor who fired is killed.

While playing Fretta-servers I have found that simple, easy-to-learn gamemodes are often voted in more frequently than their more complicated counterparts. In line with this observation, I have simplified the fun and adrenaline filled TTT gamemode into an accessible package, specialized for fast paced servers and the shortening attention spans of today (thanks Call of Duty… thanks).

I will also be supporting aspiring map-makers and model-makers by accepting the work from beginners in their fields to go along with the beginners work I will be doing in mine, hopefully this project will be a launchpad for all parties concerned.

Thank you for your time and remember that all replies will be read and considered, your response is priceless to me.

Sounds pretty easy, tell you what I’ll make it for you, but only if your ok with these conditions:
1: I won’t put more work than what is required to make this for you. That means I’m not going to devote all of my time to this project but i will do what you’ve requested in the above post.
2: I may decide to design a menu for you, but if i do it will be very simple, I’d suggest you find someone more motivated to design you a menu, because this is a very tedious task that requires a lot of time to look nice, any developer will tell you this.
3: Do not linger. I cannot stand people who take every little detail seriously and expect me to stay around to fix every small thing, i hope you can understand that your bound to make big compromises when you don’t develop the game yourself, but i will try to the best of my ability to stay to your template idea.

If you agree to my terms then i will work on your gamemode for you. Thanks for reading.

I think he wants to make this himself, not have someone create it for him.

Yea, seems so, his request was so obscured, I thought he needed someone to code his gamemode. So, you need criticism, i would say this is a mostly good idea for a gamemode, but a few bits of advice for you. Being a TTT player, I understand why you would want to replicate the theme of the game. It’s a fun fast-paced game with a bit of deception thrown in. But you want to really amplify the deception by only offering a single gun with a high cost to use. I like it, but what made TTT such an amazing game was the option for the ‘traitors’ to either be deceptive or be destructive, in the sense that they can be stealthy to win or use their own powerful weapons to get the job done. But my question is what will your gamemode do to add a twist the gameplay, from what you’ve said there’s no difference between normal people and ‘traitors’. So it’s kind of like a hidden team with no benefits. So gameplay would soon become stale without the potential to make a game-changing move. Deception would be the only weapon they could use, and also you are saying that they too would be unaware of what team they are on, So how would they figure it out without shooting someone and taking the risk of shooting a teammate and dying? I think this needs some obvious reevaluation but i think you’re off to a good start. Don’t give up yet.

You’re joking right?

you make some good points but I think you might have misunderstood my venture. TTT is an incredibly deep and tactical game but it is very hard to get into when being played on servers which change gamemode after a few rounds. Also what you said is right, the gameplay will become stale if you play it for long enough ( like most gamemodes ) but the servers I am aiming this for are never going to play this gamemode for long.

I never wanted to change TTT or make a better version, I wanted to shorten round lengths and also shorten the time taken to get to grips with the game. TTT is great for servers which will only play TTT, newbies will certainly get to grips with the idea behind the different roles, tactics, weapons and equipment but it is too much to take in all at once for a few rounds and one map.

My gamemode idea is to reinvent the exciting clandestine gameplay of the original TTT with a more accessible setup. By arming everyone with the same gun (sort of) I have levelled the playing field and simplified combat in one fell swoop.

For the record, every player will know whether they are a traitor or not at the start of the round. What I meant by “silently” was that the change in team will not be known by any of the innocent players.