Gamemode Idea

My idea is for a Halo Gamemode. 3 Teams: UNSC, Covenant, Flood. UNSC: the humans basically using custom models(Spartans & Marines) and the weapons from Halo 1. Covenant: Aliens(Grunts,jackals, Elites, and Hunter.) as people would under stand with the usual weapons for any halo players will understand. You are probably wondering how would someone balance flood? Flood are like headcrabs ( trying to take control and destroy everyone) while the covenant and UNSC are fighting the player may be able to sneak in ,take control of a body, and start trying to kill the covenant and UNSC. Class Idea(Dont have to use) UNSC: Sniper, Assault, Tactical, and Support. Covenant: Same as UNSC. Flood: Infection Form, Combat Form(If upgraded), Carrier Form(If upgraded), and Ranged Form(Not Upgraded). All the teams can have a upgrade system. For example, Flood can upgrade their gene so they can choose spawn as a combat form instead of infection form , or covenant can change it where they have better armor or more hp and so-on. Any other ideas just Post. If someone wants to use this they can ,because i don’t have the time to make something like this ,but if you do please include me in it at least. If u want to add a story to it u can pm me. if u need ideas use this

I believe many others have done this. Besides, I’d just play Halo if I wanted to play Halo.

in halo u cant play as flood

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