Gamemode I'm working on( Rome. )

Just some RP gamemode I’m working on, what do you guys think I should change/add/remove from the menu. Also a picture of some medieval model with a gladius( Roman sword )



Looks nice.

Looks cool, keep up the good work :wink:

Not a bad start. Keep up the work

i came to this thread thinking this was another dark rp rewrite edit etc.
but now i see it is not, what u have done now is good lets just hope over a bit of time and a bit of polishing this will turn out as a proper rp game mode

As AntiD2 said, not a bad start, but as a suggestion to the pictures, make the scroll texture a little more detailed.

Thanks for all the comments guys. And the current textures ( The two side buttons and scrolls ), they are just beta things. Everything is WIP. I’ll keep posting screenshots here when I add/remove things.

I feel this needs a bump.

The VGUI looks nice.
Do you have any of the RP core done yet? Also, will it use MySQL or SQLite?

now you need models

I have all the models I need :).

Also the core is done, It uses SQLite.

The problem is with the recent update, the NPCAnimations I use (by FNox ), were completely broken and I don’t know how to fix them as I have no knowledge with animations. If someone could help me fix the animations, or even with the project overall, I’d be glad. Because until then, the project is off.

clark this looks good mang

Use the version on my Git, trust me, works perfectly. It’ll take some retrofitting but I’m sure you’re smart enough for it.

You rang>?

Lax I cleared my list, you should re add me so we can play arma xD. Btw i’m not clark if that’s what your saying.

i kno ;D just haha ill tell you later

You need a mapper? i can help… :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks really nice, keep up the good work :smile:

This project is stopped. I kinda… lost the gamemode…

How did you loose the gamemode? :frown: