Gamemode Jam?

Hey guys, I was wondering if there has ever been a Garry’s Mod game jam. An event where a team a developers has 24 hours to make a gamemode of a certain category and may be rewarded for winning. I didn’t know whether I should make a thread for this question or not but I assumed it may warrant more than one response as people may want to share their opinion on something like this.

  • If you find this thread idiotic feel free to drop the boxes. I’m only asking to start a conversation among developers.

Yes. Probably the most notable is the Fretta competition, where TTT was the winner.

Fretta contest - Wiki

That was awhile ago. Why not have another one? I’ll submit something.

Because people just don’t participate, i would like to…But neh…

Maybe they would if there were cash prizes?

I’d chip in a few game keys if this was a thing.

I don’t think anyone’s going to offer money tbh…

I would, if it gives the community fresh content and inspires people to be creative why not.

I’d definitely support a gamemode competition, just not a “24 hour” competition tho.

Was debating hosting another Gamemode competition, but last time I brought it up I didn’t get enough response.

Maybe the MPC is higher than MPB? MB DNE MC??

It’d be interesting to see.

Problem is other people are probably thinking the same thing, so then not enough people say “yeah, i’ll have a go” because not enough other people are saying it. If everyone just agrees to participate even if they don’t end up submitting anything, you’ll still end up with enough participants in the end.


I don’t think so. People have to take it seriously, but not enough people would. If garry hosted the contest and offered prizes, people would take it seriously. We all know that’s not gonna happen, though.

I think if someone offered prizes and it was ran professionally and judged by respected lua developers people would participate. But I do believe it should be 24 hours, any more and everyone will end up sidetracked and never submit anything.

Most people have jobs and other stuff they have to do, 24 hours isn’t enough.

“Exploderguy” made a 1 week gamemode competition and it was successful and very fun.

How are you gonna check if someone made it within 24h?

I don’t know how I feel about participating in another one, and I don’t really have anything to offer prize-wise, but I’ll probably be down to help with organization / judging, if it’s needed.

Edit: Also, 24 hours is totally too short. I technically made my whole gamemode in about that amount of time last contest, but the ragdoll shenanigans took significantly longer.

I think 2-3 weeks would be a good timeframe. Long enough to make cool stuff with real life obligations, short enough to keep it exciting.

Also remember that the last contest took place during the summer, so you might get lower turnout with school being in session in most places.

Most Game Jams are 1-3 days, I think anything over a week would seem way too long for what is supposed to be a challenge of a developer’s speed, efficiency, spontaneous creativity, and cooperation with a team. I also assume it would pre-scheduled on a weekend with plenty of notice for people to clear their calendar.

Ill put down 100$

IF you can get someone Popular to host it

The GCC’s lasted weeks and still lots of dev’s pulled out due to time constraints & lack of ideas. The idea behind fretta and the GCC’s was to create new and ATTRACTIVE game modes to try and boost gmod’s range of played game modes. Shortening the time frame will be detrimental to the real goal of the competition.

If you’re going to do it, do it right or not at all.


Also no offence but you’re not well known within the community - this isn’t a bad thing but something to mind if you expect a good turn out. Previous competition where hosted by well known people (Matt, __Undefined, Garry) who couldn’t just bail and who put allot of effort into hosting and all the rest.