Gamemode list

In GMod the gamemodes are listed by which gamemode is being played the most which led to Roleplay servers dominating the top categories.
Not that Roleplay is bad but me personally, I’d like to see Sandbox become one of those games where you can boot it up without any idea what gamemode you’re going to play randomly pick a gamemode and you just have fun. There are a lot of gems in GMod such as Hide and Seek, Prop Hunt, Melon bomber and they’re all just overshadowed by Roleplay servers and it sucks as people are more likely to play them over those gamemodes so often they have no players.
My suggestion is to have a featured section where gamemodes are displayed which have activity but aren’t popular. I don’t know just a suggestion.

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I agree that the actual gamemode categories should not be ranked by popularity, rather alphabetical or something similar. Perhaps the main menu could feature a random gamemode every week to give it some recognion where it would have otherwise been ignored.

But people know what they like, RP players wont join a TTT server just because it’s higher on the server list.

The only things that should be ranked by popularity are the actual servers within the categories.

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The listing and discoverability of gamemodes and servers is something I’m thinking about a lot. We’re not going to get it right on day one, it’s something that is going to have to evolve over time.


I swear I saw a UI screenshot from way back in Unreal Engine times with tabs for gamemodes festures by Facepunch, most played by players, and maybe a recents tab. It looked relatively nice.

I could guess that one way to generate a popularity list would have to include factors of how many players are in that gamemode, how many servers exist in that gamemode, and how full those servers are.

Mabye a “Random Gamemode” button for people who are bored and wanna try something new? Or even “Random Server” to connect them to a random server (with at least 10 players on)



The second one looks great.
Hope we’ll get something like this in s&box.

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Personally, I think it would be best to have (on launch) preset game-mode categories and then a form or something where players can vote and suggest new game-modes. This would prevent big communities from having a monopoly over new, upcoming servers.

I don’t know if this came across as I intended it to be but if you want me to expand let me know.

a button to join a random server running a certain gamemode could also help in the case where a “single gamemode” could have wildly different server styles inside it. Like its currently the case with the sandbox gamemode, where you have everything from vanilla, to PVP centered, to technical servers all in the same “category”

The ability to add tags and easly filter by tags might also help, but only when you already know what you want or how that gamemode can be presented differently from one server to another.

An interesting anecdote I have about this was when I started to get into deathrun, a seemingly pretty straight forward gamemode, but after some time playing a server I joined randomly and enjoying myself a lot, I discovered this server specifically was much more focused on going fast and the competitive aspect of the mode (going as far as to exploit quirks of the maps and such) where as other servers were actively trying to nerf bunnyhopping and instead relying on “powerups” to give players advantage. If I had not known about the first server I joined, I would have hated the gamemode from the start