Gamemode maker to make ZombieRP in exchange for SuperAdmin ranks.

EDIT: Found help from sam.

Please tell me your joking

Wow, only that for…SUPERADMIN!!! :o

Nope, not joking.

But, if you have any other ideas for non-monetary rewards people will work for, let me know.

Who knows? Sombody might actually bite. I’ve seen people do weird things for SA

I’m gonna be the good guy here and let you in on a little secret here at Facepunch… never post gamemode requests like you just did. It’s just a bad idea and people are only going to laugh(hence the Funny ratings on your post).

  1. Offering admin positions in exchange for scripting help is ALWAYS a bad idea. It’s meaningless to most people, especially if your community is non-existent/tiny.

  2. Posting a thread like this with only 2 posts is somewhat a bad idea. People need to know you’re not going to abandon your side of the deal and having a decent number of posts shows commitment.

  3. Most people on Facepunch dislike DarkRP due to how overdone it is. Not a big deal, just giving you a heads up for when someone mentions it.

  4. You missed the Lua Scripter Recruitment thread. Anyone interested would check there.

That being said, I hope I didn’t offend you and I wish you luck looking for a scripter.

Ah, this thread again. If you want somebody to do work for you, use the recruitement thread (search) and try not to offer admin, you shouldn’t be trusting random strangers who helped you with very simple modifications with high power in your server.

I’m willing to teach you how for free as long as you learnt a lesson.