Gamemode Name and Map

Is this the correct way to put this so it will show the game-mode name and what map the server is currently on?

TEAMMENU:SetTitle( gmod.GetGamemode().Name " : " game.GetMap() )

Why dont you test it out first - also im sure its just gmod.getgamemode() and not gmod.getgamemode().name

edit: also you forgot to concatenate

Ok I will try it out but that would be a waste of time if I wanted to make this post lol.

gmod.GetGamemode returns a table, so just doing gmod.GetGamemode() wouldn’t work since you can’t join a table with a string. I’ll test what you actually need to index in the table for it to work…

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Your first post was right, but you didn’t join the strings together. You need to do

TEAMMENU:SetTitle( gmod.GetGamemode().Name .. " : " .. game.GetMap() )

And then it should work.