Gamemode Name/Feature Ideas

We’ll i’m making my gamemode and am having problems thinking of a cool name for it so any ideas are welcome.Also i’m looking for any unique or interesting ideas that will be a nice feature in a gamemode.
Oh and sorry for the long read.

Gamemode description:
Zombie apocalptic setting
Player Joins and gets to customize their load out with 2 weapons and 2 things of equipment that they buy with credits they have earned by doing different things.

They also start with 3 stat points where they can spend it in 3 categories to make them move faster,have more health/regain health, and allow them to carry heavier equipment and guns.
Once they die they join the zombies and have similiar options to customize like being able to have a chance to poison people on hit.
All of these is saved so the next time the player joins they can work on upgrading and ranking up.

I’m not asking for your negative opinions on my gamemode and don’t want any “This is just ZS” because this isn’t zs. I would think of a name myself but i’m terrible at it and figure while i’m asking for names i will also ask for any cool idea’s for equipment,zombie abilities,and achievements for people to do.

This should be moved to gamemode ideas until you’re ready to host it for people to try it.

Maybe some sort of tools, like a grapple tool, or a gravity gun, for example? I can’t think of any other ideas for tools at the moment.

Although (not to be mean or anything, but just to make it a bit easier to work on?) I think you should skip giving the zombies abilities, because that might make them overpowered (why not just start with zombie NPCs and see how people enjoy it?)

Thanks for the reply.If someone will move this to the ideas section that would be great.Anyway for most cases zombies are always under powered and the abilities would be like a chance to slow the person they hit by 5% for 5 seconds. They would then upgrade the chance to hit and the duration. Also i now thought that it would be like the zombies equipment so they get 2 effects at any one time and can buy more with credits that they earn.
These are for the player zombies anyways and just to give them a reason not to rage quit.

I have some ideas for the name.

Infection - The Dark Apocalypse
The Rebirth
The Cycle

Meh. All I can think of ATM.

Call it: Zombie Gamemode =D

  • World War Dead
  • Stay dead!
  • Die Again
  • Fucking Die Already!
  • Rising… again?
  • Re-Born
  • Gotta shoot em’ in the head!
  • Rise of the dead
  • Zombie Uprising
  • Zombie Mania
  • Zombilicious
  • Nom nom human flesh
  • Dead Lead
  • Lead & Dead
  • Lead 4 Dead
  • Guns N’ Zombies
  • Die zombie, die!
  • Generic Zombie gamemode
  • Zombie Mayhem
  • Zombieland
  • Dawn of the dead
  • Flesh eaters
  • Dead guys and guns
  • Guns and the dead
  • Zombs + Guns = fun

hope this helps

Half those gamemodes = already in use by movies/other video games.

Moved. Please think about where you’re posting before submitting a thread.

Sorry been away thanks for moving it. Thanks for all the names. Any other suggestions are welcomed and i should have a rough beta soon.

How about…

The Zombie Wars?
Rotten Flesh?
Star Wars 7: The Zombies Strike Back?

the infected
bad night
silent night
forest of souls
age of zombies
dead killers
gun day killers
the dark killers
all that is deadly

hope these are epic for you
(imagine someone saying in deep voice)

Lame names are lame.

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star wars 7 made me lol. Still having some difficulty picking but you guys have helped me out.

-Doom Revisited
-Notze Zombies
-The Zombie Apocalypse
Hope some of these help!