Gamemode not appearing correctly in Gmod server browser

Hello everyone,

I’ve been developing a gamemode called Blackout for a while now, but noticed a few days ago that it no longer showed up in the server browser correctly. The icon is no longer next to it, and it’s in all lowercase letters. I have icon24.png in /gamemodes/blackout, the “title” keyvalue in blackout.txt is capitalized, and so is the GM.Name value in shared.lua.

Any ideas?

EDIT: When I say the “server browser”, I’m talking about the default Garry’s Mod server browser. However, the gamemode is still lowercase in the legacy browser.


	"base"			"base"
	"title"			"Blackout"
	"menusystem"		"1"


GM.Name = "Blackout"
GM.Author = "Cody Bracken"
GM.Email = "N/A"
GM.Website = ""


It would probably be better if you were to put the code of the blackout.txt file and your GM.* part of shared.lua

Thanks for the response, I’ve added the code to my original post.

The icon is only visible if the gamemode is installed on the client (or content pack is installed, not sure). I think the name of the gamemode in the legacy browser is the same as the gamemode foldername.

it hasnt been that way for ages now… it used to be but its not now

I tried installing the gamemode on the client as well, still nothing. It was displaying properly before without it being installed in the steamapps files, though. I don’t understand why it stopped working, I didn’t make any changes to any of the files that affect it, to my knowledge. Is there anything in server.cfg that would alter it? I think I made some minor changes to that file, but I don’t remember the problem starting when I did.