Gamemode Not showing!

Hey,I have tried To Make A Gamemode And It’s not appearing in the bottom right of my screen, My good/Teacher friend AceCool Gave me a tip and (The Wiki)Did and said to change my notepad Settings file,But when I do that it just Isn’t There…

Sorry IF I’m being a bit dumb,I’m really trying my hardest to learn Lua For TTT (I Manage A server,)

                                                                   If you could tell me How to get it to appear That would be nice And Appreciated! :-)

                                                                                                               *Sincerely The Lua Noob-


Also, your gamemode might not be appearing because you dont have a proper [gamemode].txt file (replace gamemode with the name of your gamemode, lower case).
Make one based on this:

	"base"		"base"
	"title"		"GentlemanRP"
	"menusystem"	"1"

If you are using sandbox menu or anything else, ask your ‘good teacher’ what you should add there.

Thanks I didn’t know it had to be lowercase (LOL My mistake!)And I think something in my .txt May have been a bit messed up… And Nice Avatar BTW XD!!!