Gamemode & NPC Shop

Hey, recently I have been intereested with and playing around with Lua and have decided to try and make my own gamemode, but before that, I tried an NPC shop.

I have got both working okay, (yes, I have been using tutorials and things but I have edited bits for my needs), but I need help as I’m at a standstill, so i’ll say what I wanted to make.

-A fight server gamemode that I will be hosting
-Players spawn and a menu comes up saying about the server, (Like a MOTD but derma style)
-If the player is Respected, Admin or Owner then they will be set to that team, (I’m using ‘Evolve’ admin mod)
-I know how to set up weapons for the team so that will be taken care of
-Later on I may add a money system to add for the NPC, (you’ll see why below)

NPC Shop:
-A model that you can press “E” on and a derma menu pops up
-You can click a weapon and you will be given it
-On a different NPC or tab you can BUY a Physgun or Toolgun
-Same for BUYING cars and then being able to retrieve them from another tab on this dealer

Yes, I know it is ambicious but please help, even if it is only for one little bit

Thanks FacePuncher’s :slight_smile:

I got a NPC Car Dealer that you might be interested in:

cool, Ill have a look at that soon, my internet isn’t letting me load ‘’ :@

Edit!!! (Lol, ! spam XD)

Internets stopped being gay, looks PERFECT, thanks dude :slight_smile:
Ill have a look through code, do you mind if I change a few things like for the tabs on the weapons and then use it in my server please?

Edit - Agiain :S

Kaleb, how would I implement this into my gamemode, so far all I have is cl_init, init & shared in my gamemode folder, and I have no money system as it stands, I’ll try and set them up so we have a better idea of what to do but I need the gamemode osrted so that the NPC has something to do really XD