Gamemode Odd Jumping Physics

Been working on a gmod gamemode, and for some reason, you jump much faster then you walk, it like lunges you forward, I don’t know how to fix this. In sandbox and my gamemode it does this, but in stuff like ttt it does not, I looked at the ttt code and couldn’t figure it out. Could it have something to do with the way the server is configured?

Here are some of the player settings that have to do with jumping/running.


Is there something you can add to here to fix it?

Basically when you jump it increases your velocity in your case 160 more power to moving. Try setting it low enough to where it’s equally the same distance as your walk speed.

EDIT: Yeah, I was obviously wrong.

[lua]function GM:PlayerSpawn()

See if this is any better.

They’re applied every time the player spawns, does it need to be in the think hook?

Anyway, I’ll try those settings and playing around with it more. Thanks.

Alright, tried both things, neither worked.

Used think hook, no difference. JumpPower settings only affected height, it still launches you forward.

Anyone else got a solution? I tried looking in other gamemodes like ttt code, couldn’t find anything changing jump/speed settings except for the stuff already here.

Is it possible there’s a server config file that affects this?

This looks like a part of gmod, but I’ve looked in many gamemodes, and this doesn’t happen in them nor does it look like they’re using lua to fix it. I’m beginning to wonder if my client is hosting it with weird physics settings, I’ll try having someone else host it and see if that works.

what the shit don’t do this.

Yeah, it didn’t make much sense to me either, and nor did it work.