Gamemode optimalization


I have a problem with my gamemode: It uses too much bandwidth, probably because there are a lot of usermessages. The gamemode is based on Cider, that explains a lot about the stability.

I’m searching someone who can redo the usermessages, to decrease the amount of lag. I would like to have it stable with atleast 20 server FPS, now it’s less than 10.

This is the net_graph that shows this problem, it says SV = 30 now, but that’s just ‘lucky’, it’s most of the time 4-5, there were 40 players on:

If you are interested, contact me via Steam (fanrstein) or Facepunch PM. We will discuss the price and other important things first. I use PayPal as payment option.

I’d recommend not using Cider, and starting your own gamemode from scratch. Cider is many years old and is quite obviously very unoptimized. My optimization skills have changed greatly since I made it.

Take a look at Cider, learn from it, see how it works; but don’t just copy and paste the code when you write your own, understand what it is doing.

Good luck.

nooooo! Now we know who you are D:

Wasn’t it already quite obvious?

I’d assume that’s a NWVar problem.