Gamemode Pitch: Snowboard / Ski / Sledding

I was dicking around on gm_mountain_v1 today and I decided to have some fun with some of the server variables. Then it came to me: What if this were optimized and turned into an actual gamemode?

I made a video to kind of show some of the stuff I did with the map. And yes, it’s dramatic.

Like Tribes?

Google the name, it’s a F2P game where you slide and jump around while shooting at your enemies.

Eh, more like a simple fun thing where there’s no killing involved. I imagine there would be different tracks that people could make and whatnot.

This would be a really simple gamemode to make with the raw idea in the video.

do you mean a surf game mod like in counter strike if so i will do that because thats all your doing in the video is surfing like in css send me a pm with your ideas i see what i can do

Not really just a surf mod, but really just high-speed sliding down large slanted structures, such as the mountains in the video.

Any obstacles I would see actually being in the gamemode would be like following checkpoints and whatnot.

Which server variables have you changed?

I changed the gravity to 450 and the friction to 0.05.

While messing around this this some more, I noticed that the player physics are way too unrealistic and would instead have to be changed to something literally more like a sphere. That way, you will have a pull of gravity when going up even the slightest inclines.

sv_airaccelerate 150
sv_accelerate 100
sv_gravity 750
tick 66


I don’t see it being a surf mod :l

Doesn’t surf accomplish basically the same thing anyways, though?

Edit: Ah yes, except the friction.


No, surf is an A to B obstacle course. This is merely sliding down really big slopes.

And I literally JUST saw the “sledbuild” gamemode on a server today. I’m gonna check it out.

I checked out the Sledbuild gamemode and it doesn’t really seem like the kinda thing I’m going for. Mine is not so much as racing down a mountain as it is just having fun sliding down mountains at high speeds.

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Remember those hover pads/skateboards in gmod 11/12 that had maps you could use them on? If so maybe you could use those as a base and make them more advanced.

Gonna play around with this idea. I’ve always loved zooming around bigcity with friction set to -1.

Now it just needs classic SSX music and then you’ll be golden.

Hell ya luni and extreme flips and shit