Gamemode problem ( Perp)

Hello there facepunch! I know most of us hate talking about the stolen gamemode perp, But I am trying to run my first perp server (Ive been running GMOD servers for the last 4 years or so)
I have added all the files needed for perp, Set up databases, Everything is done. I am wondering if I do not have the .dll files on my gmod server will the gamemode not lunch?
I am not using a VPS or a dedi so the GSP has a bunch of rules and stuff and I am unable to upload .dll files to the server. At this point in time the gamemode and server will not lunch ( I am guessing it is the .dll files missing?)
I have made a support ticket to get the .dll files added.

Here is the console.log when I lunch server

The server is not coming online or responding…

Please be helpful!

Has nothing to do with perp, but with the map you’re using; I did some research the other day for my role play server which had the same issue, and I came across this fix:

Worked :smiley: Thanks man

just throwing this out there, I don’t know of any GSPs that will actually allow those .dll’s because, well, it’s a stolen gamemode. (pls no flame war, i just want to point out that you probably won’t get those uploaded)

Hide yo IP before KS comes by.

The GSP said no lol dis guy be smart n shit yo