Gamemode Question - Search & Destroy

i have tried to look on for a Search & Destroy gamemode, but i couldn’t find any one…

so maybe some of you guys knew a Search & Destroy based gamemode ? ^^

This isn’t a lua question.

okay, sorry :S

I was making one, then it slowly died. I might restart it.

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Just made the shared.lua.

sounds good ^^

i can maybe make some small team based maps ^^


Ooo sounds goot

SVN’s being an ass. I’ll make a batch script to auto update.

okay, is there some custom entities i need to add in the map, like bombsites and spawns ? ^^

spawns are info_player_good and info_player_bad

Are you going to make it like “kill the guy with the bomb” or randomly placed thing to destroy, or even bad guys place thing?

Search & Destroy is a Team based gamemode, where there is a Defending team and a Attacking team…
then you maybe play to one of the teams have won 4 rounds…, the A team are trying to plant a bomb on a bombsite (like in CS) or eliminate the other team, and the D team are going to defend the bombsites in maybe 02.30 mins, or eliminate the other team

i now have a server we can use for testing the mod, and maps :smiley: