Gamemode: Ragdoll Royale

Ragdoll Royale

Ragdoll Royale is a concept for a remade and revamped version of Ragdoll Combat for Garry’s Mod. The goal of the original gamemode was simply to be the last player remaining on the gm_flatgrass platform. Each player controlled a ragdoll in third person; charging, blocking, and pushing being the main mechanics.

New Features

Asymmetric VR
The main idea that excites me is implementing asymmetrical VR support. There are a lot of small details to work out and I want to get feedback from the community on how it should be handled.

My current vision is to have a map with many physics objects that must be walked on or climbed up, etc. Similar to some obstacles from Fall Guys, but less linear and no finish line. A VR player could be hovering over a much smaller scale version of the level with the ability interact with the map using their hands.

I would also like to experiment with different ‘tools’ for the VR player, such as a gun that blows air and moves the players around. I think balancing would be difficult but with cooldowns it could work.

I am still trying to figure out a way to allow more than one VR player. Perhaps one of the currently connected VR players is chosen at random for the large scale role, and the rest have a different role.

New possibilities with Source 2
Physics optimizations allow for many new possibilities. I envision each player starting with one basic ability, they will unlock new abilities as well as improve stats based on how many kills they have during the round.

Some ideas are:

Increase/Decrease gravity/timescale within certain radius of player. (I think this could also be implemented as a tool for the VR player as an orb they can move around with their hand that has these effects inside of it.

Call in an ‘airstrike’ of heavy props to a selected area.

I have MANY more ideas but will limit this post as I could continue writing forever.



And whoever else would like to contribute if they can give me access to S&box and the tools.


I believe initial focus should be a robust flatscreen experience, and then start working on the best way to incorporate VR.

Feedback would be much appreciated.


I keep seeing a lot of threads mention VR as if they’ve been told s&box has VR support right this moment. I believe that is not the case.
Garry has mentioned the idea and is interested in it, but it isn’t a priority. I’d wager it might be worked on either months or a year after the game opens access/goes on sale.

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Hey, I made that! I threw it together in a week for a competition. I had originally envisioned some crazy weapons and powerups but making walking ragdolls was a bigger challenge than I expected. I sorta lost interest and abandoned it afterward.

I say go for it! I’m honored if anyone was inspired by or wants to revive any of my old garbage.

garry’s mod doesn’t have native vr support either. people will find a way

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My friends and I had so much fun with it years ago. Thank you for your blessing! I will make sure that you get credited for your original work :slight_smile:

I think people know that it doesn’t have VR support at the moment, it’s very fun to dream though. I want to have a finished non-VR project and start thinking about VR from there. I think that’s also Garry’s plan with S&box, I just hope they don’t make it too hard on themselves to implement VR down the road.

I agree, were months if not year(s) away from VR.

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