Gamemode Redirects To Sandbox!!!???

Problem: I made a gamemode using skeleton base (gm13 version ofcourse). I install it and set the command line and everything on my server (provider= xenonservers). After setting the command line and map I join the server. I quickly figure out instead of the gamemode being what I had set in the CMD line it is Sandbox… Please help me!

(I did not know if I were to put this into the HELP thread, or here… I assumed here due to it dealing with the development of a new gamemode)

Check your CFGs in case it’s being set back there.

Thanks for trying I truly appreciate the response. However nothing was found in the config even dealing with the gamemode or setting anything dealing with the gamemode.

Where did you configure the switch to your gamemode?

The gamemode folder and the .txt file inside the gamemode folder must have the same name, otherwise Garry’s Mod doesn’t register it as a gamemode.

Thanks this is resolved! I am not gonna mark it solved since others were requesting a answer for this post…