Gamemode Request

Hello ppl i want a gmod gamemode like this below like sassilazion or this one below but with other models like u can buy items per menu new units new cities new towers upgrades and stuff but i want it on middleage i want like horses swordsmen archers balloons catapults ballistas shrine wich allows air attacks but can be secured by a shield wich u can buy upgrade by menu i want like the gamemode below like food and iron stuff where u can earn resources to make a citie and earn resources if u win the round u get $ wich u can buy upgrades And vip wich u can buy from hompage i will make homepage and vip get discount on store and there is a arena like u join middle of round u cant play until they finished but there is a time where it finishes and then round restart and others can play if u need more info post an reply

And i forgot to say somenthing If the gamemode will be nice i can pay up to 45 euros + ur getting superadmin on the server

Yeh i can help as long as you get more coders, im working on other stuff too.

can be deleted

Well more?

Post your please so i can add you.