Gamemode scene is too idle

I fell that the gamemode scene is currently too idle. I remember in gmod 12 when the server picker was a Russian roulette of gamemodes… Now it is Murderer, TTT Prophunt all the time… I remember the gold ages of Fretta when I couldn’t join into a Fretta gamemode server because they were full…

There were some really good ideas and projects for gamemodes around the time GM13 began to happen (the TF2 gamemode, Silverlan’s Aftermath, etc.), but a lot of them died out. I’d say that a lot of it was caused by devs having a really hard time with fixing up the code, but I really can’t say for sure.

I can’t really blame people if they don’t want to make gamemodes that much anymore, since a lot of them, apart from a couple that get spotted by youtubers, often die out rather quickly or don’t get the popularity they deserve.

thats because it usually goes like this:

  1. make fresh new gamemode
  2. fresh new gamemode drops to the bottom of the server browser
  3. fresh new gamemode dies out because nobody plays it
  4. the giant darkrp/ttt/murder circlejerk continues on

The new server browser doesn’t help either; DarkRP and TTT are always on top.

I can’t say I don’t agree, but I’ve got gamemode projects I plan on sharing with humanity one day.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to fix that. Ideally the gamemodes should be sorted by recent popularity and not server count, but that’s practically impossible without a custom master server.

Anything you’d suggest?

There isn’t really a fair way to do it with just current players, servers, etc. You’d need some sort of way to find trends like new gamemodes that pop-up, how many player/day they pull in, etc. (What information do we actually have available to use in the server list?)
Not something the Source master server was built for I’m sure.

The only thing I can think of would be to do:
(current players) / (total slots of all gamemode servers)

That way new game modes with small start ups can match up proportionately to the large gamemodes with many servers.

Maybe show “Most popular” and “These require your attention” (with empty servers) as separate lists?

People would just rename darkrp so their server got to the top of the list with 30/40 players.

Now that you mention it, it’s quite hard to think of a practical alternative to this. A section for new gamemodes would be good, I think

Randomize the game-modes’ location on the browser instead of have it on the top by playercount/popularity? Not sure, really.

The biggest issue is that there are a lot of somethingRP gamemodes in the server list that are just renamed DarkRP. I was going to recommend sorting by average number of players per server, but again, that would be a problem with those servers. Your suggestion sounds like the most effective one.

What would happen if everything with RP in the gamemode name was shoved into one big category

People would get pissed off.

becuase when they looked for a roleplay server they would only need to click one button to see all options or because they would be rounded up along side darkrp?

too bad for them :v:

On a more serious note it would probably result in a bunch of false positives and false negatives and people would give their RP gamemodes really silly names to get around that. I don’t think it would work.

But it’s impossible without a custom master server. Unless there’s a hidden feature somewhere, like the server scoring system in TF2, I suppose I should look into it and see if it could be repurposed for GMod.

how do you determine if something is a roleplay gamemode though, if it has RP in the name? wouldn’t they default back to something like Roleplay or Role Play or what if you just named a server something like Evocity Stories?

Yeah, upon thinking about my initial post, I kinda realized it’d be impractical and hard to actually implement

I guess it’d be kinda neat to have multiple Gmod gamemodes inside one category; i.e roleplay, deathmatch, fun, etc, but probably wouldn’t be possible unless you had a thing inside the gamemodename.txt like “category” “example”

Which is a change that’s easy to make
However what would TTT and Murder be classified as?