Gamemode scene is too idle

Detective gamemodes? Maybe strategy?

categories is gonna suck because it’s gonna end up with the same as before

ttt aka detective gamemodes
darkrp / every other rp under the sun

all at the top

Well, instead of doing it by popularity, you could do it by alphabetical order?

Or would people abuse that by doing stupid names that begin with A

Yeah, nix on that
I still favor the “RP checker”

When you see how far some people can go just to gain just a bit more popularity I wouldn’t even be surprised. :v:

Categories would be good. Gamemodes could specify a category in the code/in the gamemode’s text file. I don’t think this would be abused - if your gamemode is roleplay and you put it in the TTT category, nobody clicking on the TTT category wants to play it. Inside the categories are the gamemodes as they are now. Gamemodes with no category specified can go in a “no category” category. It doesn’t fix the problem entirely, but it’s better than[/t]

This is also a really good idea.

Alternatively, alphabetize it. People will scroll through the list if they know it’s a sequence and not just ‘here, we have selected the best gamemodes for you at the very top’.

Right now, the server browser is fundamentally broken. Nobody joins new gamemodes as they’re at the bottom, so new gamemodes remain forever small and die out. The old server browser - every server, by players, sortable by map - was still better than what we have now. The old server browser sortable by gamemode and player count proportion would be amazing, but I doubt Garry’s just going to throw out the new server browser he worked on.

What if some of these gamemodes are absolute show-stoppers? They get no players, because they’re at the bottom, because they have no players. It’s not fair to the gamemode devs and it’s not fair to the players.

plus nobody wants to develop a gamemode when it’s extremely difficult and would have little to gain as to editing darkrp and getting players due to


Think of what is wrong with the legacy browser
Utilise server tags
Work from there.

Don’t sort by popularity, this allows some servers to be idolised, while other fine servers are left in the dark.

To be honest there has to be some sort of scoreing system otherwise there is no way to distinguish without going into every server. It would also encourage some healthly competition and discourage weak startups. Im all for being inclusive and letting everyone get on the community ladder but there is an exponential growth of dead ends which are burying everything.

Someone whom i forget hit the nail on the head by saying something a long the lines of “only gamemodes that are popular now are those played by youtubers”. Well thats because there is no where to show off what you have. Its not always about the new gamemode, its about building on what is already their till you have an idea strong enough to become its own.

This is why I stopped working on Metastrike in the first place, even when every single tester I grabbed for it raved its limitless fun.

Then I got all those server owners mad for killing their server because they had interest in my gamemode only to find out that the limited playerbase never saw theirs.

Now I only work on it occasionally out of novelty and run it off my 100ms ping listen server to entertain my closest friends.

There were even times where I was so desperate to give it the attention it deserved by begging people like Markiplier to play it, but then Youtube killed the Inbox (fuck Youtube).

I agree - the old server browser’s “don’t show empty/full servers” works fine.

One kinda cool solution would be the reverse of the current one. Thus, unpopular gamemodes get put to the top and move to the middle as they become more popular. Drawback is popular ones people will have to scroll down to find - but I’m sure people could just use favourites?

itd be nice if you could add favorites without using the legacy browser

I don’t know about you guys but I pretty much only use the legacy browser. I personally was never sold on the improvised browser because it always lacked functionality. Sorry.

I think you should honestly consider making each gamemode conform to a specific genre that can be generalized for gamemodes like it. Also limit the amount of choices… Example:

   Gamemode name: DarkRp 2.34153
   Genre: Roleplay, Action, FPS etc...

i just had an idea of what you could do for the server browser, just whipped up a prototype:

basically the top panel contains a list of all the most played gamemodes, clicking on one of those pictures will make the browser show only servers running that gamemode. All gamemodes will need to define themselves as one of the categories you see up top so they can be searched by the category tabs (if no category is defined they will automatically fall under the misc tab). Lastly there is the ‘i want something fresh’ mode which filters all of the most played gamemodes out of the browser so you can only see the less frequented ones. Obviously this is just a mock up and there would be much more functionality in the final version such as search tools and options down on the bottom panel etc. What do you guys think?

I don’t like the idea of bunching ALL the RP gamemodes together. Sure it would work for the most part but not all RP gamemodes are the same for example:

PostNukeRP is to DARKRP as rocket science is to first grade math.

That and PostNuke is actually fun…

post nuke still exists?

well you could just y’know run a search for postnuke, there would be search tools on the bottom panel I just didnt include them in the mock up cos I’m lazy. That or use the hide popular gamemodes option, even with the popularity of RP i think removing darkrp from the server list would shorten it down to a managable length

Perhaps the current browser puts the most popular gamemodes on the bottom

That would just be counter-intuitive.

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That would only cause people to rename their DarkRP/TTT gamemodes to different folder names to get to the top. Also, test/locked gamemodes would get pushed to the top too.