Gamemode section of the forums

Kind of self explanatory, might help organize stuff and make General easier to look through for non gamemode related stuff, and to give gamemode makers a place to show off their work.

yeah I agree

Moved to meta

I guess as the discord adopted the #gamemodes channel it’d only make sense we have a new section for it

Although honestly the coding section and the gamemode tag exists to be combined, you could just click the gamemode tag and it’d auto filter by that

If they’re gamemodes, it should go in coding, because that’s what they are, if you don’t have anything to show then it’s not a gamemode showcase and should go in general, even if they’re stupid they’re not breaking any rule and no new rule needs to be added to combat them.

It’s just a phase of these forums that should eventually pass, as a protip, it should pass faster if we start encouraging them to either use the WAYWO thread, or not to post useless stuff, instead of saying “good idea” with nothing to add to the conversation.


the only issue i see is where for lets say mine alot of it right now is all models and maps for it since only the bare bones of coding can be done so its all models and maps that can be shown atm

Game modes in s&box are basically entirely different games, rather than just mods like in Gmod. We’ll be having custom assets, maps and code for a bunch of different gamemodes, and lumping it all into the code section won’t really be correct. I say we keep posting them in general along with the gamemode tag, or get another section of the forums called games.

Right now admittedly, there are a large number of posts, and not any actual content (mine included).