Gamemode Section? ROLEPLAY SUBFORUM?

Where the hell did everything go? It seems the gamemode section, and roleplay subforum just got nuked of the facepunch site map.

I too would like to know what happened to everything. I was following a gamemode in development.

Never mind, it is in the general discussion sub forum. (go back and look up)

cool, roleplay section was a waste of bandwidth

At-least where did the threads / Posts go?

So, Its just hidden?
Or is it an Archive?

They’re all hidden. I don’t think anything was actually deleted.

Nothing appears to have been deleted, but posting is not possible.

Oh well, I guess we’ll live.

Can we have a roleplay forum area?

Gamemodes and gamemode releases should be in the Lua scripting section.

Are we going to get the Roleplay/Roleplay Releases forums brought back at all?

Uh, wheres the suggestions subform?

wheres the RP gamemode section could someone link to that?

I was JUST about post a Gamemode idea and I find the whole section and it’s sub-sections gone. Dammit garry.

Would it be possible to move the most recent threads from Roleplay Releases to the main Gamemode Releases forum?

The Gamemodes section was a shithole, it was just a small group of people circlejerking over the new “all original, fun and realistic” roleplay gamemodes that came out. There were very few real gamemodes being developed. We aren’t losing much really.

The Roleplay subforum was just shit, end of. I don’t need to explain why.

Hey now, the majority of threads were legitimate WIPs. In fact, scrolling down only about a third of them are actually RP gamemodes.

Exactly how much progress were any of them getting? Every time I looked at them it was usually just a bunch of fanboys/girls arguing over which gamemode is better if there are similar ideas. Kind of why I stopped using that subforum, it was mind numbing.

Most of these people are coding gamemodes as a hobby. It’s not like they owe us anything by a particular date.

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