Gamemode/server with the most annoying kids?

Which game mode/server (specific server) gets the most annoying kids do you think? also no offense to you mature kids out there. I know some of you exist


Please don’t start this, if your honestly curious, anything with RP in it but, there is still a lot of good left in it.

my second guess is ttt or deathrun

TTT is fun when the kids on it aren’t the admins; Deathrun might be another story…
But yeah, @OP darkrp servers.

lol i read through the servers, second one up from the bottom.

they admit to it too

the *gaming roleplay server is filled with highly annoying fucks. the server itself is really cool.

TPC (the panda community) DarkRP server is riddled with kids.

D3vine community, to many kids.

It needs to go die in a car fire. It has fallen a long way

Seems to be down right now :smug:

waves hand You see no smoldering crater were there server was at

Tis a sign of GOD!!! (AKA: garrysmod god, duh. Garry)

Seth’s Semi serious RP Without a doubt. Worst server ever. Never go there.

Stoned Potatoes is obviously the worst.

Especially with all the aimbotters that go there.

don’t forget all the skiddies that use faphack


Most of those servers are empty?

You’ve been in all of 8 times for 4 1/2 hours total, so clearly the expert on the matter. :confused:

But really, you’re only joining the EU server with other EU kids where most of the gmod fail comes from, most notably denmark.

What’s sad is our good DK players really really really hate the bad DK players because the bad ones make the rest look bad because there’s so many more of them.

Most deffinately, without a doubt, DarkRP. I was an admin for about a year and banned/kicked SO many little kids for they’re constant annoyances and questions.