Gamemode similar to Killing Floor?

Is there anyone around who is making a Gamemode that is similar to Killing Floor?I’ve seen a couple of Zombie Survival games but they all seem to be 2 human sides.If such a Gamemode doesn’t exist i would suggest making one.I very much would do it myself (if i could) but this is way beyond what i would be able to do.For anyone who has the skill maybe my suggestions would be usefull.1.) A Gamemode where you go with people against increasing odds of enemies per wave and where you can use Garry Mods ability to build up barricades.2.) A shop system where you can purchase stuff (props) while being also able to use props that are scattered around the map.3.) A class system where you have multiple classes that gain levels and unlocks through using specific skills/tools/weapons (similar to killing floor)4.) Be able to construct turrets and upgrade them if you have the correct materials in the inventory.5.) Upgrade Weapons and Tools if you have the needed materials.6.) Amount of zombies per wave could be dependant on the wave number and the number of players. Every wave get’s better and more enemies.7.) Maps could be from small ones to fairly large ones where you have a couple of buildings and underground passages.8.) Shops on the map who open up after a set period of time and close after some time. Every time a different location. Prevents camping a place and pushes you to stay on the run. Ammo can also be bought at a shop but is also scattered/spawns around the map to give players a bit of a chance.9.) There is only a set amount of time between waves. The last Wave should contain a boss.Oh well. And if all else fails i would appreciate it if someone would give me some good tutorial links for making such a game mode. I doubt i’ll be able to but if no one is interessted in such a gamemode i have to try myself.


You mean, you want us to make you/find you a killing floor gamemode, because you can’t buy it?


Should this be some kind of funny answer? I somehow miss the joke in it.

I have Killing Floor and i enjoy it very much but because i have garrys mod i thought that having the power of actually using the tools in garrys mod to weld and stick stuff together how you want and where you want would make for a fun game.

I would be interested in this, right now my friends and I play toxsin or use electriconslaught_b16 which is a big map similar to flatgrass with a more solemn mood and some extra building tools in the center which sends waves of different zombies/enemies at you after you activate a button at the center. Both are fun but toxsin doesn’t allow building and electriconslaught doesn’t have very structured gameplay. Even though they are both a hell of a lot of fun, I have started on a barrier system where you can place rebuildable barriers wherever you want, and may also add a zombie spawner tool and maybe even incorporate it into a full gamemode.

Why is everyone in this thread talking in super run on sentances?

Also toxsin is going to be as close as you’ll get

Sorry about that, I just kept typing :downs: and I’ve started work on a zombie gamemode, whether or not I get anywhere or get to where I want to be is another story.

I have a gamemode that is similar to Killing Floor that I have been working on the pass couple of months but I stop developing it. It has 7 rounds with zombies but it lacts some of the features that you would have in Killing Floor
-Boss at wave 8
-I need to finish the merchant (I actually have the random vector NPC spawning but the buy menu is long and I am a lazy ass)
-EXP and classes (Long and lazy)
-Option to change number of waves(Not sure…)
-Zombie multiplyer of number of players are in-game. (Easy)
-Max ammo for guns(I think I can do this)
-Weight counter(Easy)
-Hud that is identical to Killing Floor

Impressive. I wish i could help but honestly i have no skill to offer except some C# a couple of years back but that’s on a complete and utter newb level.