Gamemode similar to PERP

I’m working on a DarkRP modification that is going to look alot like PERP. The First Person Deaths, the Uber expensive vehicles, and the reviving method, as well as many others.

Though it’s also going to be like DarkRP and have you choose your own classes; such as these new ones;
1)Paintball Blue Team
2)Paintball Red Team
3)Paintball Pro-Shop owner
5)Master Assassin
7)Pizza Delivery Boy
8)Civil Engineer (Cleanup the map, such as emptying trash cans into his truck and dumping the contents at the dump)
9)Computer Salesman (The only person who can spawn and sell PcMod stuff)
10)Electrician (The only person who can use WireMod)
11)Internet Cafe owner (The only person who can spawn and sell PCMod network equipment)

I’m still thinking of other jobs to use, and I already have a team so don’t spam comments asking to help me, but if you do have any suggestions or anything feel free to comment.

I expect the team and I will release this in a matter of months to make sure it will be an amazing gamemode.

What. Months? This is something I could do in under a week (probably a day or two, maybe three) and it’d work 100% fine. Such a simple DarkRP edit. (not trying to troll or anything)

I started working on it today, but my months I mean maximum time. I need to get a copy of PERP to use for reference, and I’m going to work on classes (easy stuff), and my friend is working on getting the NPC salesman to work as well as the jobs system. I’m mainly working on classes, getting addons for the server, and small stuff like that. Hopefully it will be done sooner but if you want to help I would gladly appreciate your help if you think you can get this done fast.

Don’t use perp as a reference, that’s a horrible idea. And if you want it to be nice and original you shouldn’t have addons and should just make your own stuff.

Why make something like PERP when you could make something unique and actually appealing??

It’s going to be similar to PERP, but alot better. Adding more jobs and using PERP features is one thing, but I only started today so my team and I are still thinking of new concepts to add.

Such as one we just brewed up: Customizable vehicles. Since the map is set in Evocity, the garage will have an NPC that allows you to drive your car in to be modified with things such as Nitros, a working MP3 player, undercarriage neon lights, and more.

And here’s a set I was looking into; radio broadcasts. I was thinking of adding 2 Fallout 3 Radios, an Enclave and GNR radio, and a radio that the broadcaster uses voice to transmit news and play music. Which will require adding a Radio Broadcaster class (probably 2 people max)