Gamemode Sound Issues.

Hello, recently I have had a Gamemode made for me, the gamemode is a replica of a GM10 “Classic” Virus. The gamemode is functional as far as tests have shown but one issue has been persisting.

The music for each round is… weird. It works for some people, and for others it doesn’t. I have made an addon with each of the sound files but the error hasn’t stopped, the part that has been giving me issues is that some people only get some sounds, some people have all sounds, and some people have no sounds. If anyone could give me any advice on what I could try and do it would be much appreciated.



Your lack of description about your post just tell me:

  1. You aren’t sending the files correctly
  2. Players aren’t even trying to download it (They have it disabled)
  3. You’ve coded the emitsound incorrectly
  4. Your FTP server might be wrong
  5. The file is missing in clients
  6. Clients are having errors

Do I need to place the sound folders somewhere in my FTP? I only have it so they are downloaded via. an addon in fastdl.

More information, More help

If it is downloaded on the clients <as a proper sound file> 44100 I think?

You most likely made the sound incorrectluly and need to fix that, show us the code?

The code for…?

Also I can’t give any info as I have given as much as I can, sound files (like match start music) are either not working or working for people. I have also put all sound files into an addon and still the same result.

Send the addon, perhaps?