gamemode stargate roleplay help

heya ive created a simple stargate rp gamemode for my server

im about 20% the way through making it.
ive done cl_init, init and shared

problem is when i test it it sets the gamemode to base gamemode

here is info.tx the init file and shared


GM.Name = “Stargate_RolePlay”
GM.Author = “Lece_the_melon_theif”
GM.Email = “
GM.Website = “N/A”

DeriveGamemode( “Sandbox” )

function GM:Initialize()

self.BaseClass.Initialize( self )



AddCSLuaFile( “cl_init.lua” )
AddCSLuaFile( “shared.lua” )

include( ‘shared.lua’ )

// Serverside only stuff goes here

Name: gamemode:PlayerLoadout( )
Desc: Give the player the default spawning weapons/ammo
function GM:PlayerSpawn( ply )
self.BaseClass:playerSpawn( ply )
ply:SetGravity( 0. 90 )
ply:SetMaxHealth( 125, True )
ply:SetWalkSpeed( 325 )
ply:SetRunSpeed( 525 )


“name” “Stargate_RolePlay”
“version” “0.1”
“up_date” “27th may 2011” // The date this version was published. Set before release!

"author_name"	"lece_the_melon_theif."
"author_email"	""
"author_url"	"none"

"info"		"Stargate_roleplay."
"icon" 	 	"Stargate" // Icon to show in the Mods list inside Garry's Mod
"hide"		"0" // Do not hide this gamemode from the Mods list inside Garry's Mod