Gamemode stealing

Hello all
About 1.5 months ago someone got into my servers ftp stole all of the sever files and then they where claiming it as there own so i was wondering if it is possible i can take them down for it. I can prove that they are claiming its theres and if i can access the author of the gamemode(GM.Author) then i can prove i made it.

Thanks in advance

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Yes you can take them down for it.

How i dont have a clue where to start?

Not guaranteed much will be done, it’s only a game.

What is the gamemode name?

PERP :downs:

Anyone can easily change, DMCA is your best bet though.

Honestly how did you let someone get your FTP though, it had to be your fault somehow. We aren’t dealing with ultra good hacker here on gmod. Was your rcon pass perhaps the same as your ftp? I feel like thats a really stupid mistake someone could make. Might wanna switch to SSH of possible. It’s faster and more secure.