Gamemode Suggestion (Nuke Race)


Now, you may be thinking I am suggesting a boring gamemode which involved you, a jeep and a nuke. Well, no. Actualy, I am thinking of more of a ‘RP’ gamemode.

This is my idea:-

I suggest that there should be a map, with a custom nuke (Or maybe using the textures from Nuke Pack 4), and around the map are peices of junk. The idea is that you start of with only a Physgun, and a pistol with one clip, and you need to collect all the junk you can to build a base. Since this is a free-for-all, you could make it a bit of a deathmatch if you decide to make this mode.

Anyway, lets continue.
After 5 minutes, when your fort/base is complete (hopefully), there will be a 30 second countdown, where you run inside your base. When that 30 second countdown is complete, the nuke will go off. The idea is that you make a base that will survive a nuke, and if you do so, with someone else, it becomes a deathmatch where you kill the remaining survivers (you will receive a SMG maybe, or a custom Lua weapon).

I suggest making a large map, so people can build there bases at the corners, if they are pussies. There should be some teleports at the spawn, which teleports you to the diffrent points on the map, if you can’t be bothered to run/walk there. I also suggest giving some of the props extra HP, because you know how powerfull those damn nukes are…

I hope you like my idea!

Sounds generic.