Gamemode Suggestions, help us pick what to make!

We are a a team of 2 Lua coders and 1 map maker. We are looking for an original gamemode idea. That would be cool for users to play and not get boring easily. Please post your suggestions and do not mock/make fun of other users suggestions.

Since you have a mapper he should make an arena like map, coliseum like if you will. The gamemode should consist of (at the most) 24 players in a large map fighting against one common monster, a penis. The penis needs to be a custom model and not look like a real penis but a penis that you would draw on paper, two circles, and a large cylinder at the top of the two balls. The penis’ will vary in size. Each round would begin by having a lot of small penises attacking then medium, big, large, and triumphant as a final gigantic penis boss. This would be hours of endless fun. You could call it “Penis Wars”

Make something similar to DotA or DemiGod. Enough said, that would be pro, and I’d even be willing to help.


If you felt like it, you could continue Desperate Defence. I’m willing to help, if you wish to work on it. However, do note that there is no lua code, just a map and ideas at this point. The coder dropped the project because he sucked.

Making something that will never get boring is impossible, everything gets boring within time you can’t help it is fact. Once someone plays a game playing it again will just be the same unless something changes to make it different every time a game will always be the same and will get boring.

Let me model for it? :slight_smile:

Anyone is welcome to work on it. However, if you do, please tell me. I can give you the map that I created, if you like.

I can map, and make skins/textures. I would really like to help, considering I’ve never helped in a gamemode before :smiley:

Unfortunately, if you require that we show any of our work, I can’t show any because none of it is released.

Make a gamemode where the whole goal is naval warfare. cruisers, frigates, destroyers, battleships, subs, and planes. that would be nice.

Ah…About that…I’m a rookie xD you’ll find better modellers out there…FP’s the place to look,it truly is.

I’m just a pretty skilled alpha-beta tester. :smug:

I think I suggested this somewhere else, but meh.

Make a game where all the players are zombies and have to eat human npcs to survive. They start off as a headcrab, and can jump onto and take over citizens to turn themselves into a zombie. You would have an infection bar that goes up the more you eat humans, and if it gets to 100% you “level up” and it resets. If you die, it gets reset to 0% and you respawn as headcrab but you keep your level. The levels could give bonuses, such as at level 3 you always respawn as fast headcrab, at level 5 you move 20% faster or have more health or something. Citizens give little infection, Rebels (armed with smgs) give more infection and Combine (armed with AR2s and shotties) give the most.

I like the sound of thiiiiis! :smug:

Make Risk.

Can you model?

Hmm… A simply gamemode can be one where you control a baloon and you have to pop the other baloons. Am blank lol but its atleast an idea :smiley:

-Edit- Removed

Balloons - Vs - Propelled darts

The Balloons fly about trying to hide from the other team who get to throw darts.

You got the balloons from my idea lol xD

Excuse me for almost quoting Ghast on this, but…

You should make cars, that crash into each other.
and blow up and the front leaks white motor oil.
And the cars look like rockets, or cocks if you will.
And you can name it “SnoodleWars”.