Gamemode suggestions needed!

Hey guys, me and a few of my friends recently rented a 32 slot server, we planned to run DarkRP on it, although we soon realized that DarkRP sucked, so we need suggestions for what gamemode to put on our server, as i mentioned earlier, its 32 slots,.

I’ve looked into PERP and Fretta, although I’m not sure where to obtain PERP and decent Fretta gamemodes.

Help is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

tl;dr Awesome gamemodes for a 32 slot server!

Penis gamemode by nofear.

Great Idea!!

If you want roleplay, i recommend to use Tiramisu.

What Slayer said.

But, there are also some other alternatives (if you’re looking for roleplay):

  • TacoScript 1-2 (If you’re up for the task of fixing some bugs.)
  • Nexus (It has been released publically, it is not a leak. There are fixed versions of it available.)

But if you’re not looking for roleplay:

  • FloodMod (Simple and fun. You might want to edit it a bit though.)
  • Fretta (Nice variation, quite fun actually)
  • Stranded (It’s pretty fun)

Does anyone have a working link to Bulk fretta games?

If you’re looking for RP, I would suggest Trouble in Terrorist Town.

I’ve actually gotten more people to roleplay and play along in TTT then I have in just about any RP gamemode. For whatever reason, you’re more likely to get people who are willing to roleplay and have fun doing so on gamemodes that weren’t intended for it.