Gamemode using portal mechanic

Hello, I’ve been thinking about making a gamemode that would use portals as a mechanic. I currently do not own S&box but I have made a prototype in Unity using C# so implementing wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The gamemode would basically be a shooter with portals. You would be able to shoot through portals and navigate through the map with portals. Shooting a portal shouldn’t be to difficult so I was thinking of a key combination like q + lmb. creates the first portal and q + rmb. creates the second portal to make combat feel fluid. The weapons are probably going to use raycasts instead of projectiles. Feedback and criticism would be appreciated.

If you already have a prototype in Unity why not share some footage from it?


You could also make a portal gun, so that you have to switch to it, otherwise you have to hold q while running and shooting portals.
Or you directly bind portal one and two to q and e, so that you can use them as ability while you run and keep your weapon drawn out. :smiley:

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if i try to upload any footage the site says “new users can’t upload footage”, maybe later it let’s me upload something

that’s a very good idea!

What about posting it on youtube?

here, that’s a very early concept. It’s got portals and a gun. sometimes the impact effect doesn’t show because it becomes the child of the object it hits but the problem is it tries to scale itself to the objects dimensions. This prototype is just to see how i can implement portals and how the raycasting with the portal is going to work

Can we stop with the concept gamemode threads that are being made purely for this purpose, please.

I am not doing this to higher my chances to get S&box. I am just working on my project and might port it over to S&box once I buy/get it.

Have you thought about how this will actually function as a game?

Will it be where you try to solve puzzles beating levels or is it more of a adventure with Enemy’s or a gamemode/pvp?

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I was thinking about making different modes including a singleplayer mode like portal with enemies and you’ll have to solve some puzzles on the way but the game is not mainly focused on the puzzles. I also want to add a multiplayer mode.

Nice portals so far, they look pretty smooth!

I’ve actually been wanting for a few months now to make some kind of first person shooter with portals, I was originally planning on doing that in gmod but I’m considering making that a s&box goal instead. Although you’re wanting to have dynamic portals that players can create/move, and my original idea was to have static portals (set by the map) that are vital in different ways.

I’d be interested to see more of your work/ideas

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